Army Badges iOS and iPadOS App

Army Badges

The App shows the cap badges, TRFs (tactical recognition flashes), stable belts, head-dress, medals and neck ties of all the current regiments, corps and services of the British Army as well as the tactical recognition flashes of the current divisions and brigades (showing the ORBAT of UKLF) and badges of rank. For each unit, the date of formation, motto, HQ, a brief history and role description are displayed. There's an extensive search facility that incorporates nicknames as well as descriptive terms, e.g. key 'poachers' to bring up the Royal Anglian Regiment, searching on 'skull' will bring up the Royal Lancers or 'yellow stripes' will return all the stable belts that have this, etc. You can also test your knowledge on each of the types of badge and, if you do well enough, get stamped as a 'Subject Matter Expert' - alternatives are available for lower scores and try not to get RTU'd! Share your success with your friends and colleagues via social media.

The App is updated regularly to reflect changes in the army's structure and four more aspects of regalia are planned: 'trade' badges (such as pipe major or PTI), badges of the Cadet Forces, Universities' Officer Training Corps and lanyards. Inevitably, there are going to be errors and omissions, so feel free to email using the Contact Us page. Copies of images are gratefully received, but original versions will be created from these, so there are no copyright issues.

Anyone with connections to the British Army's regular, reserve or cadet forces will find this App gives them all the 'gen'. Click on the images below to see the App in action!

iPadOS Version

Army Badges - Cap Badges Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 08.57.15 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 08.57.27 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 08.57.36 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 09.03.42 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 09.03.46 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 09.35.59

 iPhone Version

Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.02.42 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.03.02 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.03.23 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.03.10 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.01.35 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.01.40 Simulator Screen Shot 26 Oct 2016 22.02.15